Investment & Statistical Analysis Services

Investment & Statistical Analysis Services and G.I.S. Mapping

Our firm has extensive industry leading support services in place to maximize our clients return on investments. Our Commercial Investment Analysis processes, Advanced G.I.S. Mapping and Statistical Analysis ensure our clients are making informed investment decisions.

Advanced Commercial Investment Analysis

We provide extensive industry leading real estate investment support services for our clients. Our investment analysis professionals utilize advanced processes to gauge and ensure our clients are meeting and exceeding their real estate investment objectives.

  • Flexible Rent Roll
  • Contractual lease with flexible escalations
  • Renewal lease with flexible escalations
  • Tenant improvements and leasing commissions
  • Reimbursable expenses
  • Lease-up, turnover and general vacancy
  • Standard Calculations
  • Cash flows (before and after tax)
  • Cash on cash return
  • Debt coverage ratio
  • Resale analysis
  • Return on invested capital
  • Cumulative wealth analysis
  • Lease expiration analysis
  • Time Value Calculations
  • Present value
  • Net present value
  • Internal rate of return
  • Discounted cash flows
  • Return on invested capital
  • Cumulative wealth analysis

3D Space Marketing and Planning Services

Our 3D space marketing services offer our clients a way to effectively market their space online with the advantage of having potential buyers or tenants worldwide be able to walk through space virtually.

Furthermore, from raw space utilizing our 3D services, landlords can create a space that fits a potential tenant’s criteria and have cost estimates provided for potential build-out scenarios. Having this valuable information available to prospective tenant’s can eliminate the hesitation to move forward with a transaction.

Advantages of utilizing our services:

  • A landlord can provide multiple build out scenarios to a potential buyer/tenant
  • Build out scenarios can be cost in real time
  • Revisions to space to build out scenarios can be made instantly
  • Clarifications on tenant needs are documented and shared
  • Space Assessment tool clearly and easily provides tenant’s requirements

G.I.S. Based Relocation Services

Including: Employee, Distribution, Competitor and Customer Drive Time Analysis Tools.

Our G.I.S. based mapping client can plot address/location data in relation to current and or proposed sites. This provides our clients with estimated drive times from the plotted data to the subject property. This delivers a clear understanding on how a proposed move could affect different aspects of a client’s business.


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